A review on LG Optimus G vs Samsung Galaxy S III

Undoubtedly Samsung Galaxy S III is reigning at the top of the world of Android and is a preferred choice smart phone that made all mobile phone users spell bound because of its high end quality and goodness in its features. But its real true that there is one shadow which is standing just behind the Samsung Galaxy S III, for its turn to snatch the crown  and it is LG Optimus G. Being very new in this industry the Optimus G’s has a combination of features. It consist of a quad-core processor along with a 4G LTE connectivity which made it a strong competitor for Samsung Galaxy S III. But can only these two special features of LG Optimus G are sufficient enough to rule out the strong position so far established by Samsung Galaxy S III?optimus-g-vs-galaxy-s3-4956


On a user point of view it’s really become difficult to find which ones display features are the best, is it Samsung Galaxy S III or it is LG Optimus G. On one side of the sphere we may feel that small frame with a lightweight feature will give a very natural feel to the user of Samsung Galaxy S III. But when we try to go out for a comparison with LG Optimus G, on a definite note we get attracted to it because of its premium quality material used with a very well solid construction. The Pattern of Crystal Reflection rear along with surface of the layered glass gives LG Optimus G a very eye catching look. But still Samsung Galaxy S III will score a better point in display part because of its WOW factor of having 4.8” HD 720 x 1280 Super AMOLED display and excellent color combination. The display feature of LG Optimus G is also amazing too, with its 4.7” WXGA 768 x 1280 HD IPS Plus display. The color tones used are really natural and make you feel very close to heart.


If we are open to give an honest remark about these two titan competitors in Hardware section, then it’s really difficult to find who the chosen best is. The response to any action is really excellent for both. But still if we want to compare between them in Hardware, then LG Optimus G, is bit better because of using Qualcomm Krait processor, which makes it faster by about 20% to 150% than the one present in Galaxy S III. Looking at the Storage part or we can say the memory section, out here both the appliances go for a tie as both of them has same category storage system.

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If we look at a glance on the camera section then we have to say that the camera of Optimus G of 13MP is not so good in comparison to GS3′s 8MP camera. In Multimedia section both are having MP3 with option for downloading of games.


Both the appliances Samsung Galaxy S III and LG Optimus G Sprint are featuring the 2100 m Ah batteries. But yes it is also true that if you keep the mobile in an eco mode then the battery life is just doubled in both the cases. There is a drop by 10% in Optimus G if the same is not in an Eco mode. On the other hand Samsung Galaxy S III offers an exceptional battery life without any user help.

Pros and Cons of Samsung Galaxy S III and LG Optimus G:

Pros Samsung Galaxy S III:

  • Light weight
  • Thinner
  • Pleasant in appearance
  • Identical memory of 32 GB
  • Better quality camera
  • Better Battery life
  • Holiday deals made GS 3 a better choice

Pros LG Optimus G:

  • Presence of IPL Panel gives great picture clarity
  • More customized features
  • Qualcomm Krait processor is super fast
  • Identical memory of 32 GB

Cons Samsung Galaxy S III:

  • Lack in picture clarity
  • Operating system is not so customized
  • Absence of Qualcomm Krait processor

Cons LG Optimus G:

  • Heavy weight
  • Appearance is bit dull in comparison to competitor
  • Camera quality not so elegant


LG Optimus G are expected to hit the market in a price bracket of 900 – 1000 USD in USA and in the bracket of 40,000 – 50,000 in Indian Rupees. The official launching of Samsung Galaxy S III was done in India at a price of Rs. 43,180, but as the same is released earlier than LG Optimus G, so chances are there for more reduction in price due to holiday deal.


If we go for the factor of price then on a definite note Samsung Galaxy S III is a preferred choice. But when we look for quad-core processor in LG Optimus G then it seems like as if we are looking at a next generation device for communication. Both the models are having Pros and cons in it, and that why it totally depends on customer preference. In couple of days with the launch of Optimus G the real picture of preference among the two competitors will be well understood.